The Result of Seeking


I seek God because I believe. 
In believing I began to be set free.

Free from the limitations and diversities that are placed on individuals minds at the time of birth. 

Examples to include honoring certain loved ones at the expense of self hurt. 

One thing that was revealed unto me when I cried “Abba Father, give us our souls free!”

Is that being set free is at a cost of seeking Christ diligently. 

It’s within the late nights and early mornings. 

It’s within the Lord, I’m so tired and yet I won’t depart from it. 

It’s within the I turned left, I turned right but it was not revealed until YOU, Lord became my light. 

I seek God because in him I gained Liberty. 

I took pride in the depth of my complexion,

The fullness of my lips.

I became excited at the course-ness of my hair and the versatility of it. 

I learned to run at the sound of freedom written in heart of my praise. 

I longed to worship at the sight of dawn,

To establish the tone of my day. 

In seeking God I found me. 

I found the courage and pride to simply be “E”.  

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Too Blessed to Be Stressed or NAW?

How many of us have heard the statement, “I am too blessed to be stressed!” and yet the very individual that is issuing the statement is speaking on things and allowing “stress” factors to control their day.

Too blessed to be stressed

I am sure that many of you can relate. I found that I often was one of that individual who talked the talk but was far from walking the walk. And, as a result, my appearance, perception of self, and general outlook were not in any manner matching up with the words that were preceding out of my mouth.

In simple terms, I was a hypocrite. I must admit that I was the worst kind too. I would go to church and hear the word and not apply it to my living. I would read my word and be so caught up in myself, that I was unable to gain the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding that the Holy Spirit was Oh so willing to reveal.


It wasn’t until I came to a place in my life where all I could do was cry out to God because man simply was not giving me the things that I felt that they NEEDED to deliver.
Oh, but how wrong was I!

Here is the thing about that statement “Too Blessed to Be Stressed”; one has to first acknowledge and know that they are indeed BLESSED!

Let’s break this thing down for a moment. The term “blessed” per is defined as:

“having a sacred nature : connected with God
 : very welcome, pleasant, or appreciated

Let’s think about this definition for a moment. How often through the day do we take in the simple pleasantries and fail to allow those factors to take precedence over situations that we simply may not enjoy and/ or have no control over?

Too blessed to be stressed

Here is a fact: Throughout life we will indeed encounter obstacles and situations that have the POTENTIAL to lead us into a worrisome and stressful state. BUT! If we indeed believe that we are “Too Blessed to Be Stressed” then we will simply allow the state of being “Blessed” to dominate that of what could have had the ability to lead us into a negative and downward state of mind.

So I would like to pose the question: How are you truly walking in the mannerism of being “too blessed to be stressed”?

Listen for one, we all are all only human. Straight to the point and the END! We as in MAN do not and I repeat DO NOT have the set ability to handle the stressors of life without that of submission to the knowledge that (1) In all things GOD IS STILL IN CONTROL and (2) In being heirs and followers of Christ, all though trials and tribulations may indeed come about; it is in our submission to Christ that we can reside in the CONFIDENCE and UNSHAKEABLE KNOWLEDGE that we are indeed TOO BLESSED TO BE STRESSED!

Don’t allow the enemy to sell you a lie! Don’t allow your doubts and the appearance of your situation to set you up to take on a battle and burden that was never truly meant for you to fight. But rather was meant to groom and lead you into the infallible understanding that in ALL things and through ALL things we are indeed TOO BLESSED TO BE STRESSED.

Too blessed to be stressed

Life is going to happen and with that fact know that there are indeed going to be obstacles and other variety of circumstances that are going to TRY and deter you from that which is FIRM in Christ.

God has you! Even when you have to say those words of encouragement to yourself, search the word of GOD for confirmation via his scriptures.

Don’t just say it my friends. LIVE IT! Live and BELIEVE that you are indeed TOO BLESSED TO BE STRESSED because guess what…..THROUGH CHRIST JESUS, YOU ARE!

Remember we got this!

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The Treasure within Friendship 


Today I witnessed the spark of magic that creates a childhood friendship. It was the play of my son and the neighborhood kids.
The beauty of the formula is that of zero negativity or outside influenced of that of racism or prejudices.

It was a real life fairy tale. Although the children had just met my son, they waged war as to who could show him the ropes and induction of non-segregated play.

My son instantly became the “cool” kid.

They developed a language that was “mommy” proof and released a set of giggles whenever key words were said.

They screamed with delight and created a light of innocence that radiated.

The wind whistled and the birds sang a tune that allowed for the atmosphere to pave the way for June. All the while the creation of friendship molded into shape.

As the children played I realized that I was the only parent that witnessed this monumental moment.

My chest swelled with pride, my tear refused to hide the emotion my heart yielded.

I thank you, Lord, for this moment that you allowed me to witness.

A moment that when I’m old and gray I can share the prayers of your goodness.

In many ways, society has tainted the very thing that was once held precious.
Unfortunately, we as adults have aided in its corruption.

When did it become okay to simply “walk away” instead of showing that you value someone and their presence?

I learned a lesson through the practice of innocence. One that is valuable and often misgiven.

Treasure those around you. Treasure your friends. Tomorrow’s not promised and life is definitely worth living.

Live it with a treasured friend.

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Two Pregnancies & Three Children Later…

Two Pregnancies and Three Children Later…

Is it okay for me to confess that I still often look at my children and think to myself, Wait?! WHAT?! I’m your mother, huh?! LOL!

I mean I have to say that I still get mind boggled at the knowledge of this feat.

Do you remember being a child and playing house and telling your friends how your life was going to be once you “grew up”? Has your childhood predictions manifested in the manner that you deemed absolutely necessary at that point and time in your life?

2016-04-23 15.07.54

Let me just confess. Mine, has not! LOL! But, honestly given the things that I have learned and became blessed with, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I often hear people speak and comment on what they would have done and could have done given the opportunity to not have had their children at some point and time in their lives and I become baffled.

Believe me, I know what it is like to here that persistent “Mommy!” monologue that our children seem to be born with, but then I am reminded that I would have a fit if they gave my Mommy time to someone else!

Ummm….yes, hello. My name is E and I am not ready to share my mommy time with anyone right now. *raises right hand* LOL!!

I honestly look at the timing of things as it just being the way that it was meant to be. I read somewhere that often times than not, our happiness is taken away because of how we perceive someone’s claim to happiness. Never knowing the trials and tribulations that that individual had to endure to receive that “said” happiness.

Being a parent is serious business! It takes a lot of personal sacrifices to ensure that various necessities are met and upheld to our standards as a parent. But, can I pose a question to you? Do you honestly believe that not having your child/children at some point and time in your life would have allowed you to accomplish the things that you believe that you would have been able to accomplish?

Here’s my own personal opinion on that, often times the path that we believe that we could have taken would have only been altered to meet the intended end that we currently occupy.

As the elders of the church would say, (Ummm, can I get an AMEN.) everything happens for a reason. God orchestrates everything in his own timing.


Although our good Lord and Savior does allow for us to have choices, I personally believe that ultimately his will shall be done.

So no my friend, had you opted to do that thing that you believed that could have benefited you in the manner that parenthood could not. You may have found that you felt incomplete not knowing that the Lord had a blessing set aside for you in the form of your child/ children.

Yes! Our children are experts on how to work our nerves at some point and time. LOL. But! More importantly, they are experts and heirs to winning and gaining our hearts.

What you thought was meant for you at some point and time in your life, simply wasn’t otherwise you would be in possession of it. One thing about God, He doesn’t make mistakes. If anything, he is miraculous at allowing us to learn valuable lessons that ultimately set us up for success in a manner that we couldn’t have imagined to be possible.

I will use my 1+1=3 for example, I was told that God had plans for me that I deterred due to my pregnancies. In some manner that may be true, but as I sit here typing this post and listening to my three love bugs snore their heart out. I am grateful. I am grateful that the Lord saw fit to honor me to be a mother to these three souls. I am grateful that the Lord allowed me to have the heart to seek him and gain knowledge, wisdom, understanding, and revelation as it pertains to ensuring that I guide my children with the mannerisms on how to go through life, especially with the world being in the state that it is.

Friend, you were selected to be a PARENT! What an honor! God thought about you and your character and decided that you had what it takes to aid in molding his precious child for a season.

Stand strong on that knowledge that the enemy can and will TRY to sell you a lie that is only a LIE!


You are a PARENT for a reason. Turn to God for guidance in times of difficulty and watch how he gives you answers and favor that only obedience in him can produce.

Remember WE GOT THIS!

Stay Encouraged!

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Pleasing others is often a Curse


Pleasing others is often a #CURSE
Pleasing others often alter between better only to feel worse.
We are taught and told to Love your neighbor as yourself,
But! Wait, hold on a minute.
What if loving my neighbor meant sacrificing my misgiven hope
That I place in that love that I offered so freely
Only to be stepped on, talked about and left bleeding.
Bleeding out, in the open while praying for the LORD to destroy this YOKE!

Pleasing others is often a #CURSE
Pleasing others often create new hurts.
New hurts that those “others” don’t own up to.
BUT! Wait, a minute how are the “others” suppose to?
Is it not the pleasing of the “others” that offered a doorway to that misguided pain.
Is it not the pleasing that often lead to shame?

The shame in knowing that the attempt to please is never enough.
The want and supposed “need” only influences to the fleshly lust of worldly misperceptions.
Although my Bible, your Bible, tells you to love your neighbor as yourself.
It never gives permission to mental and emotional death.

Be cautious with how you go about pleasing.
Those attempts to please can often cause the “others” reception to be misleading.
Love you neighbor in the mannerisms that keep you both whole.
Love you neighbor with the sanctity of your prayer and not the entrance to your soul.
Love your neighbor with all things created in #LIGHT
Love your neighbor and allow your #Prayer to aid in the fight.


The fight that the enemy often tries to orchestrate in between,

Your loved one, or just that random “other” one.
Ensure that your motives are those that lead to wholesome reception and correct communication.
Create the inability for your body to speak of sin and iniquity.
Love your neighbor as yourself, and in doing so promote spiritually based emotional health.

Not many will encourage you.
But! My friend its quite alright.

As a matter of fact utilize that fact as a tool.

The tool that aids in motivating your will to succeed.
Understand that success is not measured off the congratulatory wording of “others” who indulged in prospering in your distress.

Pleasing others is often a #CURSE
But pleasing others can often work for your betterment and influence many out of their worse.
It all stands in the position you place it in.
Not just for a lover, homie, friend.
More like for that stranger looking for a warm meal.
What about the woman praying for a sign that intercessory still exists,
And in full operation, someone’s prayer can lead her in the direction to heal


Don’t let your pleasing of others lead to a #CURSE.
Ensure your that your pleasing of others is sanctioned by the Holy Spirit FIRST!

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A Poem: They Say…


“They Say…”
I hear it all the time.

They say “Girl, how do you do it?!”

I reply, “What? Handle mine”

The knowledge and understanding is exact. 

I’m their mother. Therefore I will always have their back. 

You have your ways of enjoying and expressing love. 

We all live and embark on our #facts. 

One thing is for certain,

Two snaps to re-enact the poetess that finds melody in the transparency of all things parental and melodramatic in the miraculous ways of my children and their daily knacks, of life. 

Their life. 

My DNA, my prayers and tears and stretch marks, 

Commentating on the whereabouts of their developmental womb in habitation and blessed sprouts. 

They Say, “Girl, you must always have your hands full!”

Oh, you mean because My Lord blessed me with two pregnancies but my 1+1 didn’t equal two but rather 3. 

Three blessings that look to me to take their boo boos away. 

Who have no idea how much I pray and rely on God to succeed in life. So that their faith can blossom from the mustard seed planted in life.

They Say, and yet they have no idea. The joy I gain from being the front runner for these three souls God allowed me to love and teach fear, love and respect in the mannerisms of all things Christ-like and then some. 

Yeah, They Say but I know. 

Bottom line…I Won!


Peace and Blessings. 


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Kids Teach Us Daily

I’m sure that you have noticed that as you teach your children or as your children begin to learn new things, they become excited and look to you for encouragement and praise. Prime example, I play this game with my twins in which I say a body part, point to it, and look for them to do the same. Often times they get so excited about this learning experience that they fail to realize that they are actually learning developmental keys.

It’s fun to me because they will randomly walk up to me and declare a body part loud and proud because they have studied my actions, imitated my motions, and began to implement the skills that focused on that particular craft that they are now emulating.




My heart swells every time!

Now, as a believer and follower of Christ, how often do we look to God for praise and encouragement verses looking to individuals who don’t truly have the power to deliver in the mannerisms that God does? Ooop! There I go again huh!?

Well, yeah. There I go again and here’s why. It’s amazing how the Holy Spirit can take a simple life experience and turn it into a powerful life lesson that aids in growing in this daily walk with Christ.

See, I already know that many will read, hear, and declare about the things that they want to do but NEVER do! Yet, our children learn simple and yet life changing lessons and look to implement them right away.

There is a lesson in that above statement.

How often do you learn a new task or better yet set forth to implement change in an area in your life only to wait until you “feel like it”. Ha! Wait let me raise my hand because I have been there and often times still have to drag my procrastinating behind into gear to ensure that I utilize the skill or wisdom impartation that the Holy Spirit yielded to me to LEARN and EMBARK upon.


The Real Mommy Chronicles

See we need to watch our children and act and run with the same zeal as they in being obedient to the will and purpose of GOD!

When I am cleaning the house, my love bugs love to “help” because they love to hear me encourage and praise them for their efforts.

How are you receiving your praise and validation for your work and effort? Or, maybe I should ask are you truly putting forth sound work and effort for the purpose of the body of Christ and/ or for you?

Do you go to your home girl, best friend, family member, and/ or associate? Here is the thing, and please don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with sharing your dreams, aspirations, and accomplishments with your loved ones. BUT!!! Do it for reasons outside of approval, validation, and “Attaboys!”

I found that although I love hearing encouragement from others it is not their mandate to push me to do what I am called to do.

Say Huh?! Yes, I said it! Did you know that the bible also councils us in the mannerisms of being discreet?
Read Proverbs 2 and listen to what Solomon has to say as it relates to wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and discretion.

Understand if you are seeking something, seek unto the only person who can and will give it along with the direction, wisdom, knowledge, and understanding to ensure that you remain in the correct path of the straight and narrow.



Get in your word, get under a GOD FEARING shepherd and ministry and LIVE the instruction of the LORD. I promise you will light up with encouragement and delight just as my children light up with encouragement and delight in their mastery of developmental skills.

When we develop and master the GOD given skills and instruction that the word of GOD guides us into, we have NO choice but to celebrate and shine in the victory and accomplishment of CHRIST.

Remember WE GOT THIS!

Stay Encouraged!

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Depression VS. Jesus

In this post, I will talk about depression and how God delivered and still is delivering me from it.



I can only speak from personal experiences and believe me when I say I have quite a few. Here is a bit of transparency about me. I grew up poor. Now, please don’t assume that this means that I grew up unloved because that is not true. I grew up where the simplicity of life was, in fact, a luxury. Reflecting back on those times often strengthen me when I look towards God and want my dreams to be handed to me instead of striving through as he has given me the tools to do.
Before I had children I had so many plans and dreams of being a nurse practitioner but that’s not the way the story was to unfold.
I personally was an avid people pleaser and as such there were many times where I was unhappy and suffered from depression. Many were unaware of it because I had become such an expert at placing a bright smile on my face and tackling the day to yield results that would miraculously change my situation. This was simply not to be the answer. You want to know what saved my life a dream and my oldest son.
I had a dream that I was on a boat and I was covered in filth and dirt and in the boat was a brilliant bright white presence. A beautiful voice spoke to me and told me to look up and I repeatedly said I was unworthy. He spoke a very special message to me and I woke up crying and with a renewed desire to LIVE! A few months later I met my husband and was pregnant with my son.

No, I was not married when I conceived my son and as a result, I felt the judgmental bearings of other instantaneously. Although it hurt, every time I took myself to a doctor’s appointment or noticed the subtle changes in my body I knew that I wasn’t living for myself and as such I couldn’t allow my son to feel my unhappiness. So I prayed and I prayed and the Lord began to open doors to me and reintroduce himself as a permeant presence in my life.
You see I know what it’s like to give and give until you simply can’t invest in yourself; it was in that moment that God gave me a gift because he saw my life as a gift worth saving. Many may not like these words that I am writing but I assure you that they come from the heart. I lived with depression for a very long time and it wasn’t until I was 26 and giving birth that I made a conscious decision to LIVE.

I wanted my son to know what it was like to be loved despite whatever circumstances may be presented our way. I wanted my son to have a mother who valued life as much as she valued him.
People view me as an individual who is always living in the clouds never knowing that it was because I chose to place my heart in the clouds and residence of heaven rather than the findings here on earth. My desire to encourage others is because I know what it’s like to not have and furthermore not to desire to have.

So if there is an individual battling depression, please know that your life does indeed matter. And if you listen close enough there is a still quite voice that speaks with a desire to heal all your hurts and pains. Don’t battle depression alone. Please seek help. Your life is precious and don’t let the enemy or anyone different tell you otherwise. Choose to live, ask the Lord for the tools to be successful in your choice and I promise you will see a major difference. I truly love you and I am praying that your life is filled with unbelievable overflow.

Stay encouraged.

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Wake, Sleep, Work, and Again

pen- poetry

Wake, Sleep, Work, and Again.

Wake, Sleep, Work, and Again.

Oh! How wonderful I often imagine it must feel to just sleep in!

Sleeping in is a foreign practice I have yet to  experience since mid-twenties.

Wake, Sleep, Work, and Again.

Wake, Sleep, Work, and Again.

Mommy! Eat, Eat! Mommy he/she hit me!

Yeap! There goes my alarm.

That two-minute nap will have to be the promised charm.

The charm to energize my mental media circus.

The one where my children star and claim the focus.

Wake, Sleep, Work, and Again.

Wake, Sleep, Work, and Again.

Oh, how I miss you lazy days and open flames of no responsibilities.

Well, I guess only in theory.

Often when I think I want to run away from it all, I

Wake, Sleep, Work, and Again I see three precious faces that are the center of my calm.

So yes I will continue to,

Wake, Sleep, Work, and Again.

Wake, Sleep, Work, and Again.

Up until the very END.

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Christianity Inspired Productivity & Time Management

Christian Inspired Productivity and Time Management

So yes, this post is about productivity and time management as I, E, have learned to do it. I’ve decided since I am always being asked about my time management and productivity, I would write about the few knicks and knacks that aid in keeping me SANE!

Crazy Faces

As I write this I hope that other parental superheroes will see that I completely understand that life and dreams have to work together in order for a balance of productivity to be maintained. It’s not easy! I know and I often pray for other parents that become overwhelmed by the intensity of it all. I, in turn, had to learn what tools aided in increasing my productivity and time management. 

Often times I am asked “E! How do you have time to do it all?!” Do what? Oh! You mean work a full-time job, take care of toddler-aged twins and a four-year-old, keep house, write, maintain wifely duties, and pursue my credentialing for my therapy license; I almost always answer, ” I don’t know. I just do it” LOL

Christian Inspired Productivity and Time Management

Well, the honest to God truth is this; I don’t look at having an option of not getting these things done. I must admit that I am up at about 03:45 am every weekday morning. I wash and dry a load of laundry. I make the bed. I help to get my husband ready for work and out the door. I sit at the dining room table and read/ study my bible while having my coffee (Yes, I have succumbed to drinking coffee. SMH!) And, then I get myself and my three love bugs dressed and out the door before 06:10 am. It’s a lot, I know but it’s a system that I have developed to work for me to ensure that my productivity goals are met for the day.

First, I have to admit that I have a huge obsession when it comes to planners. No, seriously I do! I have an app on my phone that helps me and also a paper planner. I realized that the times where I spent “wishing upon a star” for a task to be completed, that I could actually be more productive if I just managed my time better. I am not saying that everything gets completed or that I have this thing down to a science, but I will say that I have come to appreciate the feeling of accomplishment when my dreaded “TO-DO” list is shortened by the end of the day.

burning time
So ask yourself what time of the day are you most productive?
Early morning works best for me. I tend to work better when my children are still asleep and when I come home from work I am already tired so I am not enthused about tackling chores. Early mornings allow for me to sit down and address the day and also to spend time with the Lord to ensure that he and I both are in agreement when it comes to my “TO-DO” list.
Are there any tools that can help you increase your productivity and time?

Let me just say that writing things down and getting them out of my head truly helps me with having a plan of attack. It aids in an allowance of prioritizing tasks and respecting the fact that I am a mom so plans don’t always work, thus I can ensure that a least the things that I deem to be important are accomplished. Here are some of the names of the iPhone apps that I use to aid in my productivity:

-Informant Planner
-Productivity Wizard

These apps help me immensely! They keep me on task and also accountable in my pursuit to “GET IT DONE!

I know that there are so many various apps and planners that promise to get you on track and make major productivity moves but honestly it takes making up your mind and finding the time of day that works for you. Once you come to the realization that no one else is going to do it. Honey, you just hop to it and enjoy the feeling of accomplishment at the end.

A scripture that helps me is Psalms 12:24:

             “The hand of the diligent will rule, But the lazy man will be put to forced labor.

It is SO MUCH to be said in this scripture and the parenting everyday life. I know that often times I feel like I already do so much! But in doing “so much” there will always be more that needs to be done.

I also draw strength from Proverbs 18:9:

               “He who is slothful in his work Is a brother to him who is a great destroyer.”

These scriptures remind me that laziness will only yield continuous tasks that are waiting to be done. So, why not tackle it and carry on!

I know that everyone’s situation and testimony is not the same, but I also know that all we have to do is ask the Lord for help with the firm belief in faith and confidence in the Lord and he will more than supply our needs.

I am rooting for you! You’ve got this! You just have to believe!

Stay Encouraged.

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